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Founded in 1986, WorldTeach is a nonprofit offering driven teachers the opportunity to teach, learn, and grow in areas around the world in need of educators. Though well-established, WorldTeach carried the weight of an outdated brand and website. WorldTeach asked us to convey the exciting and rewarding experience they offer through a refreshed brand and restructured website.

We began with simplifying and consolidating the logo. The original logo featured a stand-alone icon of a globe on a stand sitting atop a stack of books. The typeface for the text was a dated, papyrus-like font. We chose a rounded, sans-serif font, which felt fun, modern, and professional. Instead of keeping the icon separate from the text, we created a combination mark, replacing the “O” in “World” with the globe and stand. We felt the globe on a stand by itself held the educational symbol they desired, making the books an unnecessary addition, which we removed.

To immediately draw in a visitor to the website and give them a taste of the exciting journey a WT teacher can embark on, we created a full-screen video that loops in the background once you land on the site.

The 3D globe on the “All Programs” Page allows a visitor to interactively explore programs by clicking on location pins, bringing up a brief overview of the program and allowing them to read more.


  • Logo Design & Branding
  • UX + UI Design
  • Web Development

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