Steelys Fantasy Trading

Finance App Websites • Boston, MA


Similar to fantasy sports apps, Steelys Fantasy Trading is a platform that allows individuals and teams to compete against one another in the stock market without actually investing in companies. The Steelys team came to ONE MARK to produce a logo, brand guidelines, and a proof-of-concept platform that they could take to a venture capitalist firm to ask for funding.

The team wanted the logo to portray a bull, based on the Wall Street bull, wearing a crown. The season winners would win the “Steelys Crown”. They wanted the brand to incorporate gold and green, representing the Steelys Crown and money, respectively.

The end result left them more than satisfied: “ONE MARK did unbelievable work on the Steelys UI. It came out better than any of us could have imagined.”


  • Brand Development
  • UX + UI Design

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